Undulant polycarbonates

Undulant polycarbonates

The undulant polycarbonate represents panels that provide increased UV protection and are recommended for places where the risk of skin cancer is greater due to increased ultraviolet radiation. The undulant polycarbonate provides an effective barrier that reduces the harmful effects of UV radiation by 98%. At the same time, it is the preferred material for covering terraces, greenhouses, swimming pools, playgrounds, passages and halls, storage areas, industrial buildings and stadiums.

The ease of use, mounting and installation makes the material preferred by "DIY" users. The undulant polycarbonate rigid boards offer high quality, including significant impact resistance, transparency, brightness, UV blocking and resistance, durability, fire resistance and durability.

The manufacturer recommends it to point outwards when installed on smooth surfaces to avoid dust accumulation.

Undulant polycarbonate is a product with high standard performance, appearance, precision and a 10-year warranty.

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