Composite polycarbonates

The AIR-board plates are based on an advanced technology that combines a rigid and translucent core in the form of a honeycomb and two surfaces of thermoplastic material, resulting in a plate with particular optical properties, having great potential for both interior and exterior design.

AIR-board PC has a specific mass, high hardness, and is used only for interior applications.

AIR-board UV PC combines remarkable optical effects with exceptional thermal insulation, high impact resistance, moisture and hail resistance, ideal for exterior applications.

Colour AIR-board UV PC has transparent colours on both sides, UV protected, waterproof and hail resistant, having an extremely high hardness.

clear-PEP boards have a TRIcore honey-comb structure that enhances the optical effects of the material, allowing for particular application spheres.

Exterior application: exterior walls, facades, roofing and skylight, closure of terraces and balconies.

Interior application: floors, interior walls, ceilings, partitions, furniture elements, doors, steps, lobbies, office design elements, bars, showcases, exhibition stands, advertising production, signs, sanitary elements, cabins of different shapes and different purpose.