Aluminum Metal Sheets

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The ALCOA company is a world leader in the production of aluminum, participating in all major stages of the industry - extraction, refining, melting, production and recycling. The company has 215 manufacturing sites in 43 countries, with over 119,000 employees.

Aluminum is considered the metal of the future, it is lightweight, highly resistant to corrosion, it is an exceptional electrical and thermal conductor, reflects light very well, it is non-magnetic and non-toxic, very easy to handle and visually appealing.

Aluminum applications are most diverse: from construction, transport, advertising products, industry to the fields of electricity and electronics.

For certain minimum quantities, the sheets can be delivered in any size within the following limits:

Width : min. 800 mm - max. 2000 mm
Length : min. 800 mm - max. 8000 mm

Aluminum sheets can be delivered in any thickness between 0.4 and 12 mm and/ or any alloy. The cost of the raw material is determined at the London Metal Exchange - LME - a specific offer may vary depending on the significant changes in the respective indices.